The modular, crane-independent frame formwork solution for casting concrete walls, columns and beams.


  • Strong, lightweight galvanized Powder-coated paint frame
  • Ensure high-quality concrete surface due to integrated 15 mm birch plywood, with phenolic film
  • Easy, fast and simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Cost-saving due to lightweight formwork that can be used with or without crane
  • Can carry a fresh concrete load of 60 kN/㎡

Stacking Solutions

Use two quick K10 clamps at a height of 3 m to save assembly time and accessories.
Stack with 1.5/3 m panel to a recommended height of 4.5/6 m.


Ir Yamim - Briga

The Piano Shopping Center was built in 2017 by Briga Company, located in Ir Yamim, Natania.
The Project Involved SBA Rummy Formwork and custom steel formwork for decorative wall.

EU Residential Building

A Bauen Gradnja project, 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia. The building has 4 floors and spreads over 900 square meters. For the construction of this project Rummy formwork system and TM Flex slab system were used.

EDAIF Building - Ghana

The project was built by CMA CONSTRUCT DEVELOPMENT company, in Snagov, Romania, 2020. For the construction of the 5000 square meter structure, lightweight SBA Rummy modular system and TM Flex slab system were used.

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