H20 Timber Beam formwork system for large areas, concrete walls, columns, bridges, tunnels, and industrial construction.


  • Tailor-made formwork system for retaining walls
  • Accurate fit to meet projects wall dimensions and requirements
  • Can be built on site (with assembly drawings) or in the factory
  • Cost-effective, saving both time and labor
  • Especially recommended for retaining walls due to the strength  of the forms and relatively large panel size
  • Up to a 30% saving of anchor parts
  • Permissible concrete pressure: up to 80 kN/㎡

Maze Stacking & Stop-End Solutions

Up to 6 m with standard H20 Beams and up to 12 m with Maze stacking solution.
The stop-end solution can be used with a steel panel or combined with timbers and planks to allow for bar reinforcement.
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