TM Flex

Maze This is the dream of Guido Faresin, who since 1973 has chosen to change the construction sector, bringing spark and innovation to a static and saturated market. The headquarters in Breganze is both the bond with the roots and nerve centre of Italian and international mechanical engineering, fertile ground for an entrepreneurial undertaking with its sights set on the future.

Maze advantages

Here, Guido has shared with his team the energy and drive for change leading to the many successes over the years. Without ever forgetting the value of roots, he has conveyed the ability to look ahead, focus on exploration and the ceaseless drive towards technological , professional,

CMA – Snagov

The project was built by CMA CONSTRUCT DEVELOPMENT company, in Snagov, Romania in 2020.

For the construction of the 5000 square meter structure, a lightweight SBA Rummy modular system and TM Flex slab system were used.

EU Residential Building

A Bauen Gradnja project, 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia.
The building has 4 floors and spreads over 900 square meters.

For the construction of this project, the Rummy formwork system and TM Flex slab system were used.

Hogi – One Tower

A Sason Hogi group project, 2018, Petah Tikva, Israel.
The 96m tower consists of 25 transparent floors and 3 underground parking floors.

The SBA systems that participated in the construction of the project include Rummy, Maze, Single-Sided Wall, TM Flex and CR 250 platform.

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